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Sarasota .NET Developers Group

The Sarasota .NET Developers group focuses on building solutions using Microsoft Visual Studio, SQL Server, Office, and other related tools. This is a technically oriented group where our monthly 1.5 - 2 hour presentations concentrate on code development and techniques.

Meetings are generally held on a Mon/Tue/Wed, in the middle of the month (speaker's choice). Our usual location has changed to: Station 2 Innovation Center (co-working and business incubation program) located at 912 7th Ave East, Bradenton, FL 34208 (just east of 9th St. E on the south side of 7th Ave - this is SR-64 eastbound).

Note that SarasotaDev will be moving this site and meeting announcements to You can find us parked temporarily on the Station 2 Innovation Meetup: Please join that group to be notified of weekly entrepreneur, startups, education and networking sessions.

SarasotaDev - Upcoming Meetings

March 2015 - doubleheader night!

Kevin Wolf (@ByteMaster) Microsoft MVP: an IOT (Internet of Things) Conversation
Joe Healy - Microsoft Developer Evangelist: Open Office Hours 

The meeting will be held on Tue, Mar 3, 2015 at Station 2 Innovation Center - 912 7th Ave East, Bradenton, FL 34208. Note the new location. Office Hours with Joe are from 4pm-6pm. IOT with Kevin is from 6pm-8pm. 

Please RSVP for these events at (SarasotaDev be moving to Meetup soon):
Office Hours:
Evening event:

Come and hang out with Healy at the new Station 2 Innovation Center during the afternoon. These "office hours" sessions are popular, and a great way to connect to other developers and find out what's *really* happening in the community.

In the evening event, Join Kevin D. Wolf (Windows Embedded MVP) for a whirl-wind tour of the Internet of Things in the Real World. 

Don’t know what “Internet of Things” is?  Don’t worry, we are still all figuring that out, however Kevin will provide some very “interesting” demos of some cutting edge technologies that make up a small portion of what is being called the “Internet of Things”.

1) NiVek Rover I (Windows Phone Controlled Galileo Based Robot) 

2) Smart Pill Box (3D Printed Pill container using MediaTek Controller) 

3) Connected Granny (2013 Las Vegas ATT Hackathon Entry) 

4) IoT based controller managing temperatures at Casa de Wolf 

5) Windows Running on the Galileo (and why this is so interesting) 

6) Other assorted goodies!


So, who is Kevin Wolf? Glad you asked :)

Kevin Wolf is an independent software consultant and a Microsoft MVP with the expertise in Windows Embedded from Tampa, FL. Kevin’s primary focus is delivering software on mobile devices. 

Kevin is active in the development user community where he speaks at user groups and hosts hacker rooms at Florida code camps. Kevin also holds an annual developer conference in Key West called SMUG Dev that attracts alpha geeks and technology leaders from all over the United States. 

With a background in Electrical Engineering Kevin has been pulled in to the latest Quadcopter craze and has built a custom flight controller board that runs the .NET Microframeworks. 

Kevin brews his own beer where he monitors his fermentation and kegerator temperatures on his Windows Phone.

When he is not busy working on his computer or doting on his wife, Kevin enjoys going for runs, smoking cigars and taking his boat out.

Upcoming SarasotaDev Events in 2015: 

Apr 2015 - TBD
May 2015 - TBD

Please reply to this email if you have feedback, speaker suggestions, or would like to sponsor the group.

Nearby Events of Note:  

  • BarCamp Sarasota-Bradenton - After Hours South - Thu, Feb 26 - join us at 5:30pm-until at Pub32 on the South Trail in Sarasota for great conversation! More info here.
  • Suncoast Technology Forum - TechBytes Luncheon - Tue, Mar 17 from 11:30am-1:00pm - at the Polo Grill. More info here.
  • Tampa Windows AppDev - TBD - Tampa developers group. More info here.
  • BarCamp Sarasota-Bradenton - After-hours North - Thu, Mar 12 - join us from 5:30pm-until at Cedar Reef on SR-70 near I-75 for great conversation! More info here.

More Florida events can be found on Joe (devFish) Healy's events page.
More Sarasota events can be found on

Florida CodeCamps (CC), SQL Saturdays (SS) ITProCamps (IT), and BarCamps in 2015:

Dates are being filled in as they're known. If you haven't attended in the past, a CodeCamp is a free, all-day Saturday developer event put on by regional developers, for developers. If you've been to CodeCamp in the past, then you know you don't want to miss the upcoming season. BarCamps are similar to CodeCamps, except they're not developer-specific, covering business, design, and other topics as well.


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