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Sarasota .NET Developers Group

The Sarasota .NET Developers group has been in existence since 2004. SarasotaDev focuses on building solutions using Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio, SQL Server, Office, and other related tools and platforms. This is a technically oriented group where our nearly-monthly 1.5 - 2 hour presentations concentrate on code development and software engineering techniques. Check out a list of our past events.

Meetings are generally held on a Tuesday in the middle of the month. Note that our usual location has changed to: Station 2 Innovation Center (offering coworking and business incubation services) located at 912 7th Ave East, Bradenton, FL 34208 (just east of 9th St. E on the south side of 7th Ave - this is SR-64 eastbound). Check out our website at http://Station2Innovation.com, and especially the community events page

Note that SarasotaDev is moving our meeting announcements to Meetup.com. You can find us listed on the Station 2 Innovation Meetup: http://www.meetup.com/Entrepreneurs-Startups/. Please join that group to be notified of free weekly entrepreneur, startups, education and networking sessions. Find our .NET oriented sessions by scanning the first line of the descriptions for 'SarasotaDev'.

SarasotaDev - Upcoming Meetings

There are several great upcoming developer and Entrepreneurs & Startup talks and events at Station 2 that you should be interested in - read about these below. You can find the Station 2 calendar of events here: http://station2innovation.com/events.

A new addition to our lineup are Series A to Z Webinar events - these cover various aspects of the investment cycle, and are designed for Entrepreneurs. These webinars run each Thursday at 10:30am. RSVP at Meetup.com, there you will find WebEx links for the webinars.

The meetings are all held at Station 2 Innovation - 912 7th Ave East, Bradenton, FL 34208. Note the Bradenton location. If you haven't visited Bradenton lately - you should come see the Riverwalk, and branch out from there to see the cool stuff happening in B-Town! Station 2 is a coworking space - please feel free to come during the day Tuesdays for FREE open coworking.

Tuesday education events alternate between lunchtime and evenings (schedule). The speaker for lunch events is from 11:30am-1pm, and evenings 6pm-8pm. In the evening there is an open Happy Hour from 5:30pm-6pm that you are invited to join. So - come cowork and share during the day, have a beer/wine during networking, and enjoy a great speaker at 6pm. What could be better?

Be sure to subscribe to the Station 2 Innovation newsletter which includes our events and other important happenings that you're sure to benefit from.

Important Links:
Newsletter - http://station2innovation.com/contact-us/
Events Info - http://station2innovation.com/events/
Email - info@Station2Innovation.com
Phone - 941-877-1599

Also join our Meetup group to be notified of regular weekly events:

Effective and Efficient Solutions with Microsoft Azure - Tue, July 18 (5:30pm - 7:30pm)

Art will talk about how to create, deploy and run a variety of application types on Azure. His passion is IoT, so you'll probably see some of the cool Azure IoT functiona

Art Garcia is an experienced Technology Professional as an Azure Certified Architect with a passion for technology and delivering value to the customer.  One of his core strengths is translating business needs into efficient and effective solutions.  He is a community speaker for DevOps Speaker. Art also is an integral part of the Florida IT-Pros Meetup group as a co-organizer.  Past topics have included deploying a web site using Azure ARM templates, Azure Service Bus, and Azure Internet of Things. Demonstrated infrastructure as code and included adding Application Insight to monitor the deployed site.  He currently services as the Senior DevOps Engineer at AgileThought. 

Chromebooks for Seniors - Tue, Aug 15 (5:30pm - 7:30pm)

Simple and secure, the Chromebook makes getting things done quick, easy, and affordable. Chromebooks have gone through many upgrades since they first debuted in June 2011. They are essentially impervious to viruses. Voice commands can be used, such as "OK, Google" from the launcher to invoke Google's voice-powered assistant. The most recent Chromebooks can use Google Play to install almost all Android Apps that are available for phones and tablets. This simple to use computer keeps seniors connected with their family and friends.

Hewie Poplock is creating a Virtual Chromebook SIG which will be available to Computer & Technology user groups and their members, as well as anyone interested in Chromebooks. More information on this new Virtual Special Interest Group can be found @ http://cb4s.net.

Everything to Know About Raising Money but Afraid to Ask - Tue, Aug 22 (11:30am - 1:00pm)

This is a great opportunity to learn how to raise money for your growing business. Once you can learn this technique you are able to scale your business exponentially. The guest speaker is Peter Nealis, a Partner at Taft Law. Peter is a founding board member and Peter has been an avid supporter of Spark Growth’s entrepreneurial community work for several years. Peter is a regular speaker at Station 2 Innovation and makes himself readily available for conversations and mentorship for Station 2 community members.

Productivity Hacks for the Busy Entrepreneur - Tue, Sep 12 (11:30am - 1:00pm)

Join us for an informative talk about Productivity Hacks for the Busy Entrepreneur with great ideas to work smarter. There is always a finite amount of time each day to get your goals accomplished. Productivity hacks are a way to increase your productivity and streamline your business. This will be a great investment of your time to learn tips and tricks to be more successful using the resources that you already have available.

Tamara Rogers, Principal and Owner of Turn On Your Success is a “fractional” on demand Chief Operations Officer who works with established business owners that would like to create a scalable business for growth. As a system and process development expert, she helps develop your entire operational infrastructure to a foundation that is scalable. She has over 15 years of experience across a variety of industries helping small businesses be successful.

Dynamics 365 as a Developer Platform - Tue, Sept 19 (5:30pm - 7:30pm)

When companies are adopting the Microsoft Cloud, they are transforming their business with new tools and capabilities resulting in higher customer satisfaction and a more productive user experience. Dynamics 365 is a set of tools which provide Sales Automation, Marketing Operations, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Financial and Operational management with data integration and workflow handled by PowerApps, Flow and the Common Data Service.

Greg DeCarlo is the owner of Scalable Dynamics LLC. He has many years of experience as a Software Architect working on the Office 365 platform. More information about his company can be found @ http://www.scalabledynamicsllc.com/

Tech Talks at Station 2 - Sat, Nov 18 (9:30am - 4pm)

Please join us for another special Tech Talks at Station 2 Innovation. We’ll be showcasing what’s new and cool in the Development and Tech worlds in our relaxed & open environment. Come prepared to share and be blown away by the latest gadgets and projects that our members and friends will be showcasing. Enjoy immersive learning experiences provided by local tech leaders and come away with invaluable lessons learned.

Cool People. Cool tech. There will be engaging speakers, a great panel discussion, and a roundtable session among all participants sharing about what cool things they’re working on and what excites them in the tech world. You won’t want it to end! If you have something to showcase - send Stan an email at the address below.

Microsoft is buying lunch and bringing a table full of their latest tech toys to wow and amaze you. Please let us know if you’d like to sponsor this exciting community event – email: stan@sparkgrowth.net. See you there!

Upcoming SarasotaDev Events in 2017: 

We are looking for topics...

Please reply to this email if you have feedback, speaker suggestions, or would like to sponsor the group.

Nearby Events of Note:  

  • BarCamp Sarasota-Bradenton - After Hours South join us on the 2th Thursday of each month, from 5:30pm-until in the Venice area for great conversation! More info here.
  • Suncoast Technology Forum - TechBytes Luncheon on the 3rd Tuesday of each month from 11:30am-1:00pm - at the Polo Grill. More info here.
  • Tampa Windows AppDev Group - various times. More info here.
  • MADTampa Mobile App Developers- second Wednesday of the month. More info here.

Check out the Entrepreneurs & Startups education series schedule at http://www.meetup.com/Entrepreneurs-Startups/ for free events that happen most weeks, and workshop events to grow your business. 

Florida CodeCamps (CC), SQL Saturdays (SS) ITProCamps (IT), and BarCamps in 2017:

Dates are being filled in as they're known. If you haven't attended in the past, a CodeCamp is a free, all-day Saturday developer event put on by regional developers, for developers. If you've been to CodeCamp in the past, then you know you don't want to miss the upcoming season. BarCamps are similar to CodeCamps, except they're not developer-specific, covering business, design, and other topics as well.


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